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Rear Sight Install and Removal Tool S&W universal Fits Glock 17 20 21 22 42 43

Rear Sight Install and Removal Tool S&W universal Fits Glock 17 20 21 22 42 43

SKU: glock tool

UPGRADED VERSION for most Glock Pistols Will fit Glock 17,18,19, 22, 42, 43 and many more handguns rear sights.  Please see dimensions for specific fit or email anytime.  Be sure to ask about my front sight firearms training memberships at low prices for my customers.

If you are having issues, please reach out to us for customer service.  We are always willing to help and will take care of the issue. 

For other colors, please message me

Please contact me with any questions or issues before or after purchase before using eBay.  Thank you.  

This tool will fit the following slides:

Glock 17,18,19,26,34,43,22,23,35,24, 20,40, 21,30, 41, 31,32,42 plus more.  For the bigger Glocks, it has only  been tested on Gen 4 Models.  Tested on rear sights only.  I do have attachment for front sights and Ruger SR22 but they are not included and are extra. Please see dimensions for specific fit or message me.  Will also fit the XD Subcompact 9mm and M&P 9mm and 40 cal.

  Auction is for one (1) Black tool (shad of black will vary).  All other pictures are only for reference and tool use.  I can make different colors upon request for Buy it Now auctions.  Please email me with ANY questions prior to bidding.  THANKS 

Please read instructions and watch video below before attempting to use your tool.

Made of high quality ABS and will fit "MOST" Glock Pistols AND SOME M & P.  May fit several other firearms.  Please check for your specific use before purchase.  Will fit most "flat" style rear sights.  I can make custom tools upon request for BUY IT NOW items.  Please see dimensions in pictures to verify fit.  Comes with spacers for use as a universal pusher.  Please see photos for dimensions.  Guns in the pictures are a Glock 17 and a Springfield 9mm Sub Compact.  NO FIREARMS INCLUDED IN THIS SALE. Made with a 3D printer and may have normal imperfections and finish associated with 3D printing. 




One of the most common modifications made to the new generation  semi-automatic pistols is to replace the stock sights with the new tritium style night sights common on most guns today . Night sights are  fragile and must be handled carefully.

This tool is designed to push out the old sights and push the new ones into place. It also works good at the range for adjusting the sights side to side.

  • Instructions

    To compensate for sloppy tolerances in the dovetail cuts most manufacturers machine their sights a little large and you will need to fit the sights by filing or stoning.


    1. Look at the sight and see if you need the angled side or the straight side of the pusher block.  Make sure the gun is unloaded.

    2.  Remove slide  from pistol.

    3. Clean gun

    4. Use oil or gun grease on the threads of the tool and oil the sight so it moves easily.

    5. Install the slide and shim as needed with spacers or washers so you`re lined up to push at the bottom of the sight

    6. Put slide into tool.  Use the included spacers to adjust for proper fit for your specific handgun.  You can use them anyway you wish to make it fit correctly. Place side spacer TOWARDS handle as in pictures.  

    7. Check that you have it lined up right.  You might want to put a something to protect your gun in-between he gun and tool. 

    8. Slowly turn the bolt head and keep checking  as the sight moves into alignment.

     ( 20 pounds of torque on a 6" long wrench is over  2,000 lbs of pressure  pushing on the sight. )

    9. DO NOT force it " STOP " and soak the slide and sight in gun oil over night and then try again to get it apart.

    Some stock sights so tightly fitted that you should consider taking it to a gunsmith for proper fit

    We accept no responsibility for the use OR misuse of this device.  Any damage to the item or the firearm are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Buy purchasing this item, you expressly agree to these terms.  No returns for this item.  Thank You!! 

    Again, please do not force your new sight on.  If it is very tight, it will need to be oiled or slightly sanded to fit well.  You should not have to FORCE your sight on. 

    If you are going to purchase more than 2 units at a time, please know there may be extra waiting time to fulfill order.  Contact me for specific quote.


    This product is not associated with GLOCK in any way.  All rights reserved.  Name is only for organizational value  

  • Returns

    We offer the industry best return policy and customer service.  30 day money back or return NO HASSLE returns.  Super fast and efficient Customer Service. Reach out to us with any issues and we will work to fix it right away.  Thank you!!!

  • Shipping

    We do not type any personal addresses in our system when we ship, therefore it is super important that you use the correct shipping address when checking out. If you submit the incorrect shipping, please let us know ASAP, so we can cancel and refund the order so you can repurchase. If we are not notified, and the package is shipped to the address at checkout, the customer will need to repurchase stickers. — if the package comes back to us, we will reach out and you can pay to have the item reshipped. :)

    We ship with USPS. Most orders are shipped with Priority shipping with tracking information. Actual delivery dates may vary due to holidays, or post office set backs. If you need quicker shipping, please message us BEFORE placing your order to see if we can accommodate. If you place your order before messaging us, standard processing and shipping times will apply.

    Currently, ALL carriers are waiving delivery date guarantees. This means that even if you purchase expedited shipping, it is not guaranteed. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund if we ship on time, and the product is delayed through the carrier. We understand this is wildly inconvenient, however please understand that we are not responsible as once the package is picked up, it is out of our hands. We will do our best to ship out as soon as we can, and you can always track your shipping under your orders here on Etsy to see where the package is currently. Delivery dates are estimates, but never guarantees. Please plan accordingly.

    In addition, please note: USPS can fail to update their tracking system regularly. Please allow time for them to update. If the package is truly lost by the carrier, message us, and we will be happy to discuss options to help!

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